EMAHS Website Redesign courtesy of Archipelego Web

EHAMS now has a new website, courtesy of Archipelego Web.


A new website was created for EMAHS to enhance the user experience, add increased
functionality, and decrease long-term development investment through the development
of robust website management tools. The redesigned website will be an information
resource for users as well as a place to connect with the target audience. The website will
be easy to use, search engine friendly, and will convey information in a clean, simple and
effective way.


Design centers on creating a site in which the brand elements and graphics will be clean,
easy- to-read, engaging and reflective of the organization and its target audience. The
interface will be simple and easily navigable. The design will facilitate visitor understanding
and speedy movement through the site. First-time visitors will easily be able to find the
content most appropriate or interesting to them. They will be able to move quickly from
section to section and will retain an understanding of their current location. Features such
as Calls-to-Action, resources, videos may also be included. In summary, a successful
design will reflect the depth and richness of the content, while providing an environment of
useful information and functionality for the visitor.

The new website design will include interactive elements to engage the user. Design
elements may include parallax photos, videos, tabs, and other ways to creatively present